CPAC Dental Dry-Heat Horizontal Type N

CPAC RH-Pro 11 For-Sale

The most efficient, high capacity table-top sterilizer

RH Pro11 High-Velocity Hot Air Sterilizer

  • Table-top water-less sterilizer
  • No chemicals
  • Uses 85% less energy than steam sterilizers
  • Accommodates small and large Cassettes
  • Up to 6 large Instrument trays per cycle
  • Super fast with a choice of 6, 8, or 12-minute cycles
  • Easily sterilizes pouched, wrapped or unwrapped instruments
  • Sterilizers hand pieces, medical drills, trays, and cassettes.
  • New CPAC RH-PRO11 include Instruction/Care Card, User Manual
  • 4 Instrument Trays and 1 Pair of Removal Safety Gloves.
  • The most efficient, high capacity table-top sterilizer is now compatible with Hu-Friedy’s Sterilization Containers! Dentist and Orthodontist who purchase the CPAC RH-PRO11 will quickly see the benefits of shorter cycles, no-workarounds, and no Joint Commission scrutiny! Dentists and orthodontists looking for a new sterilizer or want to replace an older steam autoclave and who have invested in Hu-Friedy sterilization containers, this is new choice. The RH-PRO11 is a great fast, dry-heat table-top autoclave.

    The CPAC RH-PRO11 has 50% more capacity than comparable steam sterilizers. The Pro11 uses FDA-approved high-velocity hot air technology created by RapidHeat to complete its cleaning cycle in as quickly as six minutes. Because the sterilizer uses no water or steam, the Pro11 has no drying cycle. It requires minimal maintenance and comes with three-year parts and labor warranty. The product is designed for long-term service and environmental sustainability.

    Feature of RapidHeat Pro11 table-top steamless sterilizer

    • FDA-Cleared 6 Minute Cycles (Unwrapped)
    • FDA-Cleared 12 Minute Cycles (Wrapped)
    • Large Table-Top Capacity (2295 Cubic Inches)
    • Uses 85% Less Energy Than Steam
    • Non-Corrosive Sterilizer Environment
    • Full 3-Year Warranty
    • Waterless Sterilization with No Chemicals
    • Higher Capacity -- Four Large Trays

    Feature of Hu-Friedy’s Sterilization Containers

    • Reusable Packaging System for Items to be Sterilized
    • Maintains Sterility during transport and storage, until opened
    • Enclosed and locked transit of loose instruments and cassettes.
    • Low cost per use and long service life
    • Integrated handle for easy insertion and removal
    • Full line of accessories (filters, indicator cards, and tamper-evident seals).
    • Suitable for use in pre-vacuum Steam Sterilizers.