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Hirayama HV Series 50, 85, and 110 Liter Autoclave Sterilizers

The Hirayama HV autoclave sterilizers are portable, self-contained, top-loading sterilizer with auto exhaust and a warming cycle.

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Hirayama Autoclave


Hirayama HV Autoclaves 

Autoclaves suitable for ordinary commercial sterilizer use. Enhanced color LCD touch panel increases user-friendliness and Info display. Highly reliability and safe.

  • HVE-50 Self-contained, Portable
  • Top-Loading Autoclaves
  • Auto Exhaust and Warming Cycles.
  • Space-saving design with lid opening upward
  • Agar sterilization mode
  • One-touch lever to easily open and close chamber lid.

Hiyalama HV Autoclave 50 Liter Steam Sterilizer


Hiyalama HV Autoclave 85 Liter Steam Sterilizer


Hiyalama HV Autoclave 110 Liter Steam Sterilizer

The Hirayama HV series of 50, 85 and 110 liter autoclave sterilizers are portable, self-contained, top-loading sterilizers with auto exhaust and a warming cycle. This top-loading autoclave has a lid that rises, which is a space saver.The HV series has a dual-sensing lid interlock feature that shut prevents the lid from opening when the chamber is pressurized or when the temperature exceeds 200°F. 

The Hirayama HV series had a agar melting mode and can maintain agar at a liquid temperature which provides for a hotter, quicker start. 

The Hirayama HV sterilizer autoclaves features a one-touch lever to make it easier to open and close the chamber lid. The In-Process indicator provides the status and progress of sterilization cycles. 

The sterilization cycle will not start unless the autoclave's door has closed correctly. 

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