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Hirayama HV-50 Liter Autoclave Sterilizer

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Hirayama HV-50

50-Liter autoclaves suitable for ordinary educational, laboratory and commercial sterilizer use. Enhanced color LCD touch panel increases user-friendliness and Info display. Highly reliability and safe.

  • 50 Liter Capacity
  • Self-contained, Portable
  • Top-Loading Autoclaves
  • Auto Exhaust and Warming Cycles.
  • Space-saving design with lid opening upward
  • Agar sterilization mode
  • One-touch lever to easily open and close chamber lid.

The Hirayama HV-50 autoclave sterilizer is a portable, self-contained, top-loading sterilizer with auto exhaust and a warming cycle. This top-loading autoclave has a lid that rises, which is a space saver.

The HV-50 has a dual-sensing lid interlock feature that shut prevents the lid from opening when the chamber is pressurized or when the temperature exceeds 200°F.

The Hirayama HV-50 has an agar melting mode and can maintain agar at a liquid temperature which provides for a hotter, quicker start.

The sterilizer autoclave features have a one-touch lever to make it easier to open and close the chamber lid. The In-Process indicator provides the status and progress of sterilization cycles.

The sterilization cycle will not start unless the autoclave's door has closed correctly.