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Large 250 Liter Horizontal Steam Sterilizer for Laboratories and Hospitals

Large 250 Liter Horizontal Steam Sterilizer for Laboratories and Hospitals

  • Chamber Dimensions - W 20”x H 20”x L 38”
  • Chamber Volume -  9 Cubic Feet (250 Liters)
  • Door Type - Automatic Vertical Sliding Door
  • Steam Options - House Steam Standard (Optional Integral Steam Generator)
  • Mounting Options - Cabinet Enclosed or Recessed Through Wall (Left or Right Service)
  • Class Type -  Class B. Pre / Post Vacuum Standard
  • Loading Equipment - Rack & 2 Shelves Standard (Optional Loading Cart & Transfer Carriage)

The Tuttnauer 5596 autoclave provides reliable sterilization processing for laboratories, hospitals and central sterile supply departments. This large steam sterilizer is in strict compliance with US and international standards that ensure safe re-use of sterilized equipment. The Tuttnauer 5596 autoclave has a narrow high capacity design for use in limited spaces.

The Tuttnauer 5569 is a large 250 Liter Steam Autoclave and is designed for laboratories, hospital operating rooms, central sterile supply departments, ambulatory surgery centers, dental schools, and other clinical settings. The chamber is 20"wide by 20" inches high and 38" inches long. It is easy to use and maintain. The Tuttnauer 5596 Steam Autoclave has a compact vertical design, automatic vertical sliding door, comes standard with immediate use, wrapped and unwrapped cycles to satisfy all sterilization needs in the healthcare market. Call (866) 309 8654 for Expert Advice and The Best Price on the Tuttnauer 5596 from the Sterilizer Experts at